100 Mom Playdate – Liberty Science Center {GIVEAWAY}

BY Kathy Zucker • Monday, August 18, 2014

Over the last 16 months, I have made friends with bloggers all over the world. I see their kids every day on social media, exchange messages and virtual hugs. We cheer when one of us lands a major contract, support each other through health crises and are literally a fingertip away at all hours of the day and night.

In short, I am closer to my blogger friends than I am to the vast majority of my relatives. So when the opportunity arose to see many of them and their families in person on Sunday, July 27th at the Liberty Science Center #ScienceSummerFun event, I jumped at the chance.

Liberty Science Center is one of my family’s favorite places, located minutes from our home in downtown Hoboken, NJ. We have been LSC members for the last six years, and do we ever get a ton of mileage out of our membership. We have attended members night after members night, filmed a TV commercial for the Bob the Builder and Superbowl Gridiron Glory exhibits, hung out afterschool and got a great workout.

Bringing the kids + seeing some of my favorite people + visiting LSC = my idea of heaven. We had an absolutely amazing day at #ScienceSummerFun. Pics are below.

Because I love Liberty Science Center so, so much, I am giving away hundreds of dollars in exhibition passes along with Legoland Discovery Center Westchester passes and other goodies this Wednesday, August 20th at 9pm ET. Join me and frugal living expert Sarah Mock of How I Pinch a Penny as we talk about all the ways we have spent time with the people we love. Click here to join the #PayLove4ward Twitter chat.

If you head to LSC on a weekend, don’t forget to snag free parking.

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Kathy_roundKathy Zucker, CEO of Metro Moms Network and Managing Editor of Metro Moms Magazine, mother of three young children and New York Life Keep Good Going Shorty Award winner and judge, writes about juggling career and family in an urban setting. She blogs at MomCondoLiving.com, tweets nonstop at @KathyZucker, posts pics on Instagram, gets down to business at LinkedIn, talks about family on Facebook and gets outdoors on Youtube. Email me@KathyZucker.com.



Kathy Zucker

Author: Kathy Zucker

Mom of 3. Accidental entrepreneur. Fencer. New York Life Shorty Award #KeepGoodGoing winner & judge. Helping parents & kids get to work since 2010 as Metro Moms Network CEO.

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