Saying Goodbye to Baby Modeling

By Kathy Zucker • Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

Yesterday, I attended my last ever baby modeling casting call.

Babies R Us was having their annual big book agency casting in Union City, New Jersey. This is the shoot that will determine who gets called for work over the next twelve months. I brought my two year old daughter to the go-see literally up the hill from my home in Hoboken, New Jersey.

The casting call said to bring a picture.

I arrived right as the photographers were breaking for lunch, so I got to hang around outside with the other parents while we waited under a shady tree. As usual, we were the only locals – one family came from as far away as Rhode Island. They arrived yesterday and stayed overnight in a hotel.

I asked the parents what agencies represent their kids – the answers were predominantly Product and Abrams. In 2009, when my son was getting called nonstop for modeling castings, the sign-in sheets were largely dominated by Generations and FunnyFace (our agency) kids.

It was a bittersweet experience to watch all the eager parents anxiously await their turn to remove their babies’ shoes for the height and weight check, then try to cajole their kids into smiling for their moment in front of the camera. Some families were asked to put their babies into slings, carseats or high chairs – those kids have a high probability of being booked for work. Some parents held their kids during the pictures, most stood next to the photographer. When my turn came, I exchanged a friendly greeting with the photographers I knew from previous shoots, placed my daughter on the carpet in front of the backdrop and immediately ducked away out of sight. When I heard the “Okay, you’re done,” I emerged to see my baby laughing and saying, “No!” to requests for a high-five.

This will most likely be my last ever baby modeling casting call. My daughter just barely qualified for the maximum height limit of 34″. Over the last seven years, I have attended baby modeling shoots for Pampers, Volkswagen, Target, Toys R Us and Anne Geddes.

My favorite baby modeling picture is this one of my son in BabyTalk Magazine.


Once my daughter hits the 36″ height mark, she will be eligible for toddler modeling. She will follow in the footsteps of her big brother and sister, pictured below at shoots for Parents Magazine.





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Kathy Zucker

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