Free SuperBowl Celebrations for Families in Hoboken & NYC

By Kathy Zucker • Sunday, February 2, 2014

When I chose to raise my three kids, ages 7, 6 and 1 in Hoboken, NJ, I knew I was in for a wild ride. What I didn’t count on was the many ways I would be able to save money.

I can hear you asking, how the heck do you save money? Rent and grocery bills are sky high, you’ve been paying for private school and you work from home. How is that possible?

Because of proximity. Hoboken is criss-crossed by numerous transportation options. Kids five and under ride free into Manhattan on the PATH, ferry and 126 bus. Don’t live near a station? Kids ride free within Hoboken on the Light Rail and Hop bus.  There is no extra charge to bring a kid along for a $5 yellow cab ride that takes you anywhere in Hoboken, the taxi stand at the PATH station has cars waiting 24/7. A great new option is the car service Manhattanites have been raving about, Uber.

So you know how to get into New York City for practically nothing. What about the high cost of entertainment and food there? My family spends an AVERAGE of $20 each time we head into NYC, and there are five of us. How are we doing it? By heading straight for Times Square – you can learn about the latest activities by following @TimesSquareNYC on Twitter.

There is a constant stream of incredibly fun free activities in Times Square. Recent examples include a life-size Lego Star Wars X-wing fighter that you can actually sit in and a recreation of the Puppy Bowl that airs every year during the Super Bowl. I narrowly avoided bringing home a puppy from the Times Square Discovery Center.

I did bring home personalized dog tags and a carpet sample that let my kids express their inner Jackson Pollocks.

Don’t want to make the trip into Manhattan? There is Super Bowl fun right at your doorstep. Kids got to meet football Hall of Fame members this weekend during the free Kids Day at Liberty Science Center.

And there’s no better photo op than giant Super Bowl XLVIII letters with the Manhattan skyline while the kids bone up on curling.


They even light up at night, so head over anytime to strike a pose.



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Kathy_roundKathy Zucker, CEO of Metro Moms Network and Managing Editor of Metro Moms Magazine, mother of three young children and New York Life Keep Good Going Shorty Award winner and judge, writes about juggling career and family in an urban setting. She blogs at, tweets @KathyZucker, posts pics on Instagram, gets down to business at LinkedIn, cracks jokes on Facebook and gets outdoors on Youtube. Email is Kathy@MetroMoms.Net but the fastest way to get in touch is Twitter or Facebook.



Kathy Zucker

Author: Kathy Zucker

Mom of 3. Accidental entrepreneur. Fencer. New York Life Shorty Award #KeepGoodGoing winner & judge. Helping parents & kids get to work since 2010 as Metro Moms Network CEO.

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