Putting the Hoboken Back in Hoboken Catholic Academy

By Kathy Zucker • September 27, 2013

Yesterday, September 26, 2013, Hoboken Catholic Academy (HCA) held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the school’s return to their facility at 7th and Madison in Hoboken, NJ. Students in grades PK3 through eight were displaced after the building suffered severe damage on October 29, 2012 when the Hurricane Sandy storm surge knocked over heating oil tanks, causing leaks that soaked deeply into the soil beneath the building.

I often receive emails from parents thinking about enrolling their children in kindergarten at HCA. At $5,900 annual tuition, HCA is by far the cheapest of all the private elementary school options in the area. The academics are also very good – Terra Nova test scores for 2013 showed a marked increase, with the overwhelming majority of students testing above the 75th percentile. Families considering staying in the area often default to HCA since the academics are comparable to those of top suburbs and the midtown location is accessible via car and light rail. The student body is diverse, with enough students to fill two to three classes of up to 28 students in each grade.

My children were in PK4 and first grade at Hoboken Catholic in 2012-13. It was a really rough year since we had to drop off and pickup in two different locations, one in Hoboken since the Mustardseed School kindly allowed our preschoolers to use their gym, and the other with the bulk of the student body in Jersey City Heights at St. Nicholas School. The one upside to the nightmarish commute? My daughter got to realize her lifelong dream of riding the school bus since HCA arranged for buses to and from St. Ann Church and St. Nicholas School.

My family has stayed in close touch with HCA families since we are planning to send our youngest child there for preschool, and hear very positive feedback about the new principal, Matthew McGrath. Parents speak highly of the new paperless communications system and are enjoying participating in a school-wide reading challenge that provides rewards to students based on the number of hours they read at home.


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